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Books by Lorna Hegarty

Written from my experience & from my heart, with your success in mind.

The Seven Essential Practices of Great Leaders

Author Lorna Hegarty explains how true leadership makes a difference in the workplace. Learn how to build a team and inspire them to work towards being their best, individually and as a team member. Through storytelling and practices learned from over thirty years in the workplace, working with all levels of leaders, Lorna will help you to easily understand what practices you can improve in order to go from a good to a great leader.

The Interview Coach

Author Lorna Hegarty, based on her experience as both an interviewer and interviewee, has developed a workbook for anyone looking to practice getting ready for a job interview. The book outlines how to get ready for an interview with common questions and answers that are suitable depending on the type of job you are applying to. Space is included in the book for you to write your own answer down, so you can practice it many times before the actual interview. You will learn the importance of CAR stories, to describe yourself when responding to behavioural interview questions. You will also learn steps to prepare before the interview, how to close the interview, and what to do after the interview. All of this has been put together to ensure you put your best foot forward and be the best you can possibly be during the interview. Increase your chances of success by not only buying this book, but also committing to doing all the exercises.

Parenting IS Leadership

Parenting IS Leadership gives tips, ideas, and practical suggestions on parenting, that can help you find success, beyond just generally functioning day to day. Every parent wants the best for their child and for their family. They want children who are self-confident, responsible, motivated, kind, loving, happy, honest, physically and emotionally healthy, and ready for the real world. They want to raise their children in families where there is respect, purpose and harmony. Someone in the family has to be in charge, to be the ‘Leader’. The Leader, with input from their child or children, or family members, sets the standards and the mutual goals, for where you want to go together, and how you want to get there. There is no better way to know when you are on the right path, like a flight plan, than by having an end goal, and in advance, outlining the best way to get there. Children will have a sense of meaning, and feel part of something special and important, when you take the time to create a family plan, and also review your family plan as your family grows and changes.

The Wealthy Teen

The Wealthy Teen is a brilliant, hands-on how-to workbook designed to deliver everything you need to manage your money and take control. The Wealthy Teen invites open, honest communication between mentors and teens and offers simple yet effective wealth strategies that really work.

In the Wealthy Teen, you will join Lorna and Carly, a dynamic mother-daughter duo who will take you on an exciting guided tour of the practical money tips and techniques that will help you see money and wealth in a new light!