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Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching is for managers and executives who have unique professional needs, to help them become inspirational and effective leaders. Coaches strive to constantly inspire and encourage clients through a results-oriented process, with thought-provoking questions, and constructive and immediate feedback.

Many leaders today experience pressures at work and at home, combined with conflicts related to communication, corporate culture, and a lack of personal organization.

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Coaching bridges the gap between current industry expertise and the sometimes missing skills of success. Those skills can be:

People leadership, engaging the team, making decisions, facilitating problem solving, and courageous and effective communications.

Professional Coaching creates a plan of action to:

Address pertinent issues

Capitalize on strengths

Cultivate healthy relationships

Strengthen individual and team competency

Establish positive communication

Set boundaries

Grow and Lead

Address sensitive employee relations issues

Shift their language to be more powerful and confident

Professional Coaching is a vital investment that delivers invaluable returns.


A few of the roles Lorna provides:​

A safe place to explore navigating complex situations.

An accountability partner - commit to what you will do, and follow through

Honestly debating and testing the strength of your ideas

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