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Outplacement Services

Why choose LCH Resources to support the transition process?

LCH Resources offers the very best in Outplacement Services to our clients. Organizations that require transition support for their employees can be confident knowing that the individual will be able to make the most of their transition. The support team at LCH Resources has more than 20 years of experience, and a thoughtful, and high level of expertise. Having served clients over a range of industries, in a variety of levels, we can be your strategic partner to ensure seamless transitions by delivering an innovative, individualized, and results-driven program for each employee.

​The customized outplacement services program includes:

  • Individual Assessments allowing individuals to identify their key strengths and interests

  • Assistance in reviewing options for small business, individual consulting practices, or re-entering the traditional workplace

  • Career Planning

  • Tools for resume building and interview skills

  • Flexible support according to each individual's need

  • Coaching on managing the job search process




"Lorna helped me through a very difficult career transition period. I was at a point in my life where I did not know if I wanted to be a consultant, or if I wanted to start a new career in a large organization.  Thankfully, through her expert coaching, and our numerous conversations, she was able to help me move forward in a way that I had only dreamed of.  She has an indepth knowledge of the job search process, and helped me understand how to best show my personal brand through my resume, interviews, and right through to my new job acceptance!" 

-Carolina K.

"Two years ago, I was downsized, and was sent to a large outplacement firm.  I found that there wasn't the direct one-on-one interaction that I wanted and also needed. A year later I was downsized again,  and was offered to go to another large outplacement firm.  I felt there was nothing new to teach me, as I had been to the classes already.  I requested a smaller boutique firm to help me transition to a new job, and started working with Lorna of LCH Resources Ltd. There was an emphasis on one-on-one assistance which is what I was really hoping for. Getting laid off was a difficult time for me, but it turned out to be an amazing experience because the specific knowledge I gained from the "Interview Coach", as well as the insightful and thoughtful advice I received through the process, has made me much more confident and successful in interviews since then.  Hopefully it will be awhile before another downsizing!"

​-Liza B.


Let's Work Together

For an initial consultation, contact Lorna at: or


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