Leadership Development

​LCH Resources Limited has delivered Leadership and Vision training throughout North America to more than 500 leaders.

The customized leadership development programs and systems has resulted in:

  • Boards and Leaders becoming more effective

  • Improved communications with more honesty and openness

  • Significant increases in employee satisfaction

  • More collaborative team work

  • Awareness of body language

  • Better delegation and follow-up skills

  • Capitalizing on leadership strengths

  • Ability to set boundaries and manage performance

  • Increased personal organization.

Leadership Development Workshops include:

  • Assessments of strength and styles

  • Case studies

  • Teamwork

  • Effective ways of rewarding and recognizing employees and teams

  • Strategic development

  • How to conduct difficult conversations

  • Mediation and negotiation techniques

  • Generational issues in the workplace

  • Career planning with reports

  • Managing up and down

LCH Resources has worked with many leaders from numerous sectors, from entry level to senior executives. Leadership training is a vital investment that delivers invaluable returns.


Please contact us for a consultation lorna@lchresources.com

Feedback from Multi-Day Leadership Development Program:




I just wanted to personally thank you, and tell you I’ve not met a group so hungry and appreciative of this kind of training in a long long time. I was taken aback by the numbers (not 1 or 2 but almost every single one) of the people attending that actually came to me personally or have already sent an email, or even called to tell me how much they felt they learned, and how they could apply the things they learned immediately at work as well as in their personal lives! One leader even told me he was staying over the weekend in the area, but now was torn about that decision because he was anxious to get back and implement some things that he learned!!!!


Several people made mention that this is exactly what they have been asking for so I am thrilled we have invested in their development as young leaders. I believe through this training course many of them felt “heard” in terms of what they have asked for in training and development! Given the experience level of the attendees, many of them have had very few leaders to observe and model their own leadership development after.

I also have to tell you that while the materials provided set the written foundation for learning in motion, your ability to capture their attention, reference real life experiences, and do it in a way that captivated and energized them while holding their attention was spot on! Many ah-ha moments!

SO…to shorten the long message I just wanted to personally thank you for your time and for making this leadership training so successful.  In many, many ways I believe we set the stage for “new fisherman” to learn to fish and I fully expect through this, many young leaders attending will eat better for a lifetime!

Sincere Thanks!