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Anti-Harassment & Team Building

Along with training to address both harassment and violence in the workplace for employees and supervisors, we also offer a comprehensive course to assist and guide those charged with conducting Complaint Investigation Interviews. As the task of interviewing alleged wrong-doers, complainants and witnesses is very delicate, and can have both emotional and legal implications, knowing how to handle the interview process is essential. 

Management has the responsibility of addressing unacceptable behaviour in the workplace. Poor personal hygiene, crude jokes, gossiping, and other inappropriate behaviours can destroy morale and damage core organizational values in the eyes of both vendors and clients.

Taking the steps to transition from a mediocre boss to a great manager requires a complex mix of communication skills, persuasion, intuition, assertiveness and credibility. This course will equip managers to confront employees effectively and create a workplace culture where bad behaviour unmistakably recognized and opposed to by all.  For more information please contact us.

Let's Work Together

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