Every parent wants the best for their child and for their family.  They want children who are self-confident, responsible, motivated, kind, loving, happy, honest, physically and emotionally healthy, and ready for the real world.  They want to raise their children in families where there is respect, purpose and harmony.


Someone in the family has to be in charge, to be the ‘Leader’.  The Leader, with input from their child or children, or family members, sets the standards and the mutual goals, for where you want to go together, and how you want to get there.  There is no better way to know when you are on the right path, like a flight plan, than by having an end goal, and in advance, outlining the best way to get there.  Children will have a sense of meaning, and feel part of something special and important, when you take the time to create a family plan, and also review your family plan as your family grows and changes. 


While no one book, or parenting program is the absolute answer for any family, this book gives tips, ideas, and practical suggestions on parenting, that can help you find success, beyond just generally functioning day to day. 


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