Client Reviews about Life Coaching

Niki G. says...


"Lorna is a rare breed, a remarkably focused executive coach who is highly strategic and effective in administering practical and targeted guidance to her clients. My experience with her was delightful. She approached me like an old friend, and within only minutes of chatting with me, she was able to learn my personal style of communication and speak to me in my own language. This is quite a skill! She is thorough, creative, and adapts her tone and style of communication to suit the needs of each particular session. She is readily available for day-to-day support and during the course of my coaching recommended a variety of great resources for me to explore. She constantly draws upon her diverse professional experience to articulate well-rounded perspectives and this is what sets her apart in her field. Her insight into the politics and subtleties of a range of different corporate cultures is unmatched."


Wade R. says...


"Lorna is a very insightful and thoughtful coach who listens keenly, identifying what needs to be worked on, and then empowers you to find solutions and move forward. She is subtle in her approach, never heavy-handed, yet has a highly intelligent way of communicating, pinpointing the truth and illuminating it. Best of all, Lorna is genuine and really cares about her clients.  She helps me to see things in new ways and I really appreciate her perspective."

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