Reviews from Consulting Clients

Michelle T. says...


"I have had the privilege of working with Lorna for over the past 8 years now.  During this time, her expert coaching has been instrumental in the continued success I have experienced in the corporate world of Human Resources. 


From our very first session, Lorna has consistently amazed me with how rapidly and precisely she can get to the root and heart of the matter.  She was able to form a deep connection with me that instantly made me feel safe and created implicit trust.  Most importantly, she helped me recognize my untapped potential and was not afraid to challenge me to be my best.  She was always available to provide support during the tough times and to celebrate every little success along the way.   I can honestly say, coaching with Lorna has been an adventure!


Most recently, Lorna helped me transition out of the most challenging experience of my career.  I learned a valuable life lesson through her expert coaching which is the importance of honouring your values in all aspects of your life.  This empowered me beyond imagination and enabled me to take a leap of faith to make one of my biggest dreams a reality.  I am now doing something I absolutely love instead of settling and have rediscovered the passion and excitement for my career that I thought was lost forever.


I have been so inspired by the impact Lorna's coaching has made in my life that I decided to pursue my coaching designation to compliment my HR experience.  Needless to say, Lorna has been an amazing mentor coach.  I can only hope to give a fraction of what she has given me to my own clients."


Kris H. says...


Hi Lorna,

I want to share some exciting news. Last week I’ve received the Company Leadership Award. On​ly four individuals throughout the Company receive this award on a yearly basis and it was, without a doubt, one of the best recognitions I’ve received so far. Between our constructive coaching conversations, honest feedback and leadership development, I believe you were a big reason why I received this award. With this being said, I want thank you for everything you’ve done for me! You and your trainings have made me into a better leader and I truly appreciate you taking the time for our weekly coaching conversations. Hope all is well your way and please keep in touch. Thanks Lorna!

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