Client Reviews about Executive Coaching

Caroline K. says...


"Lorna is an executive coach who helped gain insights into my job search and career aspirations during a recent period of transition. During our coaching sessions, she provided honest and practical advice that was invaluable to me during a time when I was searching for my dream job.  I got this position, and it was in an organization that had a dramatically different corporate culture from what I was accustomed to. While being an excellent listener, Lorna also has a very unique gift of being able to cut through the noise of stressful situations, and quickly assess each situation for what it is.  Then, working in a coaching format she was able to empower me to think differently, and provided guidance as appropriate. For those who have reached a certain level of success but now feel lost in a corporate fog, do not hesitate to reach out to Lorna.  As a master certified coach, she can provide you with a higher level of guidance to help you improve all aspects of your life, so you will be well-equipped to travel the inroads toward your goals."


Christiana H. says...


"As a leader, Lorna is willing to approach any topic with an open mind. She worked with our team to seek everyone's views, which made everyone feel that they had been heard and understood. As a team, we were coached on ways to look at issues and how to become more effective communicating and working with each other. As a result, the team culture changed dramatically. Lorna is an excellent coach who quickly grasps the essence of issues and gently, yet firmly, holds people accountable for their behavior. Lorna is by far one of the most pleasant individuals I have ever worked with. Any organization she works with will be lucky to benefit from her expertise and leadership style."


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