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Employee Orientation

LCH Resources understands the critical importance of New Employee Orientation to the success of your organization. We can customize an Employee Orientation package that will allow you, as an Employer to:


  • Evaluate Your Organization's Employee Orientation Program

  • Identify the Orientation Needs of New Employees

  • Ensure employees receive the appropriate Orientation, Welcome, Training, and Cultural familiarization

  • Design and facilitate a fully Interactive Program

  • Preparing for the roll-out of a New Employee Orientation Program

  • Identify and address the need for necessary additional training or support

  • Prepare and deliver a Train-the-Trainer program

The programs we offer are extremely valuable because Employers enjoy the benefit of added productivity while the Employee performs more efficiently as the tools provided make for an easier integration into his or her new work setting with greatly reduced time and stress.

Let's Work Together

For an initial consultation, contact Lorna at: or


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